Sexy Two Pockets Sleeveless Sheer Chiffon Blouse Shirt Top (Small, Baby pink)

  • Sheer Sleevless Chiffon two pocket Blouse
  • 100% Rayon
  • Hand Wash Cold
  • Imposted
  • Sexy and great Fit

Sexy Two Pockets Sleeveless Sheer Chiffon Blouse Shirt Top (Small, Baby pink)

Sheer chiffon tops are so much on fashion. they give you a sexy look. This top is of great quality and price. Fabric hold great and does not change after several washes. Can be worn with almost any kind of pants or skirts. the front of the blouse is a little shorter than back.

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BellyLady Belly Dance Tribal Sequined Bra Top, Size For 34C

  • Fits 34C
  • Enjoy this bellydance bra as an addition to your raqs outfits
  • Looks great under stage lights
  • Pairs great with dance pants and beautiful skirts
  • A dance top staple for all bellydancers

BellyLady Belly Dance Tribal Sequined Bra Top, Size For 34C

Color: available in gold and silver, for other color and size, please contact us.
Fabric: polyester
Top: fits up to 34C

This bra is great for juniors and beginner belly dancers with a small frame. Decorations and metal fringe are lightweight and sparkle in the light. Makes a great starter costume for young ladies in their first student show with other ladies and close friends. Enjoy this with a number of our skirts, harem pants or pair it with that perfect piece in your own closet. Everyone will want to dance with you when wearing it!

** This bra is beautifully designed with sequin which twinkles as you move.
** Perfect match for any hip scarves or dance pants. There is a room at the back to adjust the hooks.
** This bra is great for belly dancing, zumba or casually wearing with jeans, skirts, or with just about anything.
** Want something a little nicer? Try our sequined bra!
** If you want to customize the other sizes, please send an email to us. We are always ready to serve!

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harem pants MED NAVY


harem pants MED NAVY

Harem pants with stretchy fabric and an folded waistband that can be worn up. Pants feature oversized pockets on the hips, and they don’t include any closures. Length from waist to hem: 40 inches. Inseam: 28 inches. Waist: 23 inches. 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex. Hand wash cold, hang dry. Made in USA

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